Many couples like experimenting with different things to bring enough passion to their relationship. With time, some couples do not like to have erotic experiences in their lives. It may happen due to a lack of interest, being sick, not having enough time, and much more. If you are missing such things, then those couples should try Nuru massages.

It will help relax some crucial points in our body and rejuvenate the urge to create erotic relations with each other. In the following write-up, we will discuss a few things that one must know when you experiment with Nuru massages. It is an erotic massage in which one person’s body slides on the partner’s body.
It involves touching, massaging, and rubbing intimate areas to give a sensual feeling. Click here to know more about this massage, its benefits, significance, how it treats mental problems, etc. Let us go through some things that you must know before doing any experiment.

1. What You Should Expect


Involving yourself in such an activity is quite surprising, mysterious, and enjoyable. You will be able to explore your partner sensuously and take immense pleasure while touching one’s private parts.

You should be confident because only then you can take pleasure in this massage. It is necessary to understand the opportunity and give your partner a better chance to get involved and feel the relaxing and sexual moves. If any third person gets involved in between you and your spouse, do not worry; you will be in control.

2. Involve Two Masseuses for Separate Pleasurable Experience

A couple must involve two masseuses in a session so that both persons can experience the sensual touch. You can observe your partner and his/her activities at the same time. One must check how the other one is responding to the physical touch and massage.

You both will be connected emotionally, but the two masseuses will give a relaxing massage. In this way, you can understand how you can fulfill your partner’s physical needs by knowing the intense touchpoints and activities.

3. Observe the Activities of Your Partner and Aware of New Satisfying Movements

When a couple is taking Nuru massage together, there will be some points on which you two will feel good and aroused. You need to observe those moments in your partner. In this way, you will know different ways to give pleasure to each other.

Many couples also prefer to have a body-to-body massage to get the immense erotic feeling. If you are also involved in body-to-body massage, you can see how your partner is taking pleasure, and you can do the same when you are at your home.

4. Experimenting is Good


Many couples show interest in Nuru massages to heal their failed relationship and regenerate the same love again. Many people afraid to try something unique, and they also fear what others or their partner will think about it.

Make sure that you are doing this thing together, and it means your partner is quite comfortable. Some people want to know how they can satisfy their partner. It is one of the best opportunities to do such a thing. Therefore, experimenting with new things is always good.

5. Talk About the Services with Your Masseuse

When you are prepared to take a Nuru massage, you have to talk comfortably with the masseuse. You can ask for various services that they will offer in a single session. You can also share what you like, require, or anything you dislike.

It will be better to ask about the price before taking the session. An expert masseuse will take care of your desires and do as you have instructed. Therefore, this small talk is quite necessary before making any deal. In this way, the masseuse will also mention everything to your partner.

6. Take a Shower Together

Before initiating the massage, your masseuse will tell you to take a shower for maintaining hygiene. You can use these special moments by taking a bath together with your partner. It will help in connecting you with your spouse emotionally and mentally. After initiating the massage, you will get a separate masseuse to get erotic pleasures separately.

7. Take Your Time


For some couples, it is difficult to get involved in such an activity. Therefore, you can take enough time to get comfortable and decide that it is fine if you are experimenting with such a thing. It may take some time to prepare yourself, but once you are done, you can come to the massage parlor with your partner anytime.

8. Breathe Normally

Do not feel conscious or scared while experimenting with Nuru massage. When the masseuse presses your body points, then make sure that you breathe properly. You have enrolled in such an activity to relax your mind and body. You have to focus on your sexual pleasure while breathing normally.

9. Use of Good-quality Oils or Gels

It is necessary to check what types of oils and gels will massage you and your partner. You need to check whether you are allergic to anything or not. Make sure that it should smell good, and you like it very well. On the other hand, it should not stain the bedsheet, clothes, etc. If you have a different preference, then you can also pick one from the available choices.

10. Use a Blindfold


If you want to enhance your senses and feel the erotic touch immensely, you should try out the blindfold. You won’t be able to see your partner, but you can give enough freedom to them. Well, a few couples experience blindfold and enjoy it as well.

The Bottom Line

If you want to come closer to your spouse and regenerate your sensual feelings, then you can try Nuru massage with your spouse. You need to take some time to think before doing any experiment with such an activity. It is a perfect way to explore different ways to satisfy your partner physically. You can experiment with this massage and come closer to your spouse and repair your relationship.