5 Easy Steps to Get Sleep Paralysis

Although deemed by many in the old days as a demonic visitation upon the human beings, sleep paralysis is a medical condition that has clinical justification and is a very common factor amongst more than 50 percent human being across the globe, irrespective of their age, caste, creed, and gender. It is only in a few cases that the extent of its intensity is tremendous. However, it is also quite interesting that sleep paralysis leads to lucid dreaming and experiences that you consciously know are out of the body.

What is sleep paralysis?

The state of sleep paralysis is the one when you cannot move your body muscles to wake up from the bed. It also associates the inability to speak or even react to anything that is happening around you and you think is affecting you. The state can last for a What is sleep paralysisfew seconds or even for a few minutes and is quite terrifying for many as they even go to an extent of hallucinating a presence of something or someone within the same room. This transitional state between sleep and being awake is a mental condition in which, the mind or the brain considers you to be asleep, but the body tries to move. However, due to muscle atonia or weakness in this transitional period, the person does not get to move, speak or react.

How to get it?

Many people in this world have experienced sleep paralysis at least for once in their lives. Some have even experienced it quite some time and still do. However, those who have never had this quite scary and terrible feeling of someone sitting on your chest when you are trying to sleep or trying to wake and you can’t scream or move your limbs to shake the demon off, always try to have this experience at least for once. If you too want to experience a feeling of breathlessness and hallucinations, there are quite some ways through which you will be able to know how to get sleep paralysis.

Getting sleep paralysis is not rocket science and you can induce it easily by quite some ways. Different people have different ways to get sleep paralysis. However, there are some common ways that are quite effective if you want to get these hallucinating experiences and lucid dreams.

Go to sleep:

The very first step that will help you to get sleep paralysis is to go to sleep. Although many people consider that going to sleep a bit earlier than your usual time is the proper way to get sleep paralysis, going to bed and fall asleep at the usual time is also equally useful.

Tire your muscles:

The very basic condition of getting sleep paralysis is muscle Tire your musclesatonia. That is to say, you have to tire your muscles so that they don’t respond in moving. That is why, when you want to know how to have sleep paralysis, you must make sure that your limbs and muscles are extremely tired. Therefore, you have to start to flex away your muscles quite sometime, for about 5 to 10 minutes, so that when you get into the paralysis state, you cannot move even if you want to.

Keep still:

The very important next step is that you have to lie down absolutely still for quite some time. This is very important as if you move frequently; your brain will consider that you are not asleep. So, in order to make it understand, that you are asleep and going to be in deep sleep stillness is mandatory. Not only keeping the body still but also keeping the eyes closed is also very important.

When you close your eyes, try to imagine something or concentrate your whole attention on some imaginary thing. It is also important that you convince yourself that there is a kind of energy that is getting into your body and you are going to experience a weird feeling.

Set an alarm:

In an interval of 30 minutes, set your alarm. This will help you to go into a trance-like state that is very helpful in making the brain hallucinate. Each time when the alarm sounds, you must wake up instantly and engage yourself in some workout. The type of workout Set an alarmshould not be easy, but rather tiring. Once you have found that it has been quite some time to this continuous working, you must go to sleep yet again. Again you have to set the alarm after 30 minutes and wake up as soon as the alarm rings.

Feel the paralysis:

When this process continues for a few times, you will all of a sudden find at one point that even though the alarm has ringed, you cannot come out of the bed. You will feel a complete numbness in your limbs, not in the entire body, but in the limbs and you cannot move. This will be your phase to paralysis.

This feeling is a sort of tied up and claustrophobic feeling where you feel that your limbs are tied up to something that you cannot see but only feel the presence of. This state will last for a few seconds or even up to a few minutes. You can also go to the extent of hallucination, where you will get to see some demonic creatures present in your room.

Many people may find this practice not effective in the very first attempts, but in order to induce sleep paralysis, you must keep on trying this as this is a quite interesting way to have this experience. Sleep paralysis is not a difficult and threatening experience that you will be harmed to get, but you can easily experience some lucid dreams through this process. Many people have tried it and it is very impactful. You can also try some other ways if this one does not suit you. Different people have different ways to enjoy this state of sleep paralysis, but all are effective.