4 tips for Choosing Size of King Size Mattress

With the various size of the mattress with different names based on the size, choosing between all king size mattresses available in the market is a very daunting task. Moreover, shoppers get confused with many king size mattress and pick randomly for their home.

Therefore, knowing all the types of king size mattress and its size is very important to clear confusions and choose the best one. At the same time, buying any one of the bedding set not at all a thing and it doesn’t make you feel comfortable and won’t give durability.

In order to pick the right one, you need to compare more and more king size mattress and finally, pick the one with satisfaction. For that reason only, here, I’m going to give some hints and tips for choosing the size of king size mattress.

In this buying guide, I’m going to give you types of king size mattress and its size, so that you can make yourself as an expert in this right!!

Different types of king size mattress:

There are more types of king size mattresses available in the Different types of king size mattresmarket, below I give you the most commonly used and important types.

Air mattress:

Nowadays, air mattress comes in a wide range of unique styles and it features portable and easy to store the mattress. However, this is the most complicated model, because it provides air within the mattress and it replaces the ordinary metal coils.

Latex Mattress:

Latex king mattress is another most popular and most used mattress, but the cost of this mattress is a little bit high. It doesn’t allow dust to store in this, so you can sleep without any allergic reaction. Hence, it is best for people who suffered from hypoallergic. Moreover, it releases pressure from the neck, shoulder, and back.

Memory foam:

This type of king size mattress utilizes the technology called Visco-elastic foam which regulates the temperature of the body and makes you comfortable.

Futon mattress:

Usually, the futon mattress is very thin, but you can find and choose the thickness cloth.

Okay, now, coming to the point size of king size mattress.

What is the size of a king size mattress?

The size of a king-size mattress gets various from place to place and country to country. However, this is mainly manufactured from North America and European. The king-size mattress in What is the size of a king size mattressthese countries changed in terms of size.

Additionally, in these 2 countries itself, it has the king-size mattresses avails in various size. Below are the different sizes of king size mattresses in North America and European countries.

North America:

The standard size of king mattress in Eastern of North America is 76” wide X 80” long and size of king mattress in the Western area of North America is 72” wide X 84” long.


The size of the king mattress is 60” X 79” and super king mattress 71” X 79”.

Hence, measure the size of king size mattress and pick the best-suited one