4 Steps involved in Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Having hardwood floors has its own advantage when comparing with other kinds of floorings. There are some other great things about having the hardwood floor but the best part is that you can restore and refinish the floors and it will bring back the old stunning look all over again. Here come, some of the important steps involved in Refinishing Hardwood Floors and Cost Details.

By knowing all these important facts and the steps to be done, you will be able to get a clear idea about refinishing the hardwood floors and its cost range.

Steps involved in Refinishing Hardwood Floors:

There are many different ways available to restore and refinish Steps involved in Refinishing Hardwood Floorswood floorings. Everything will be depending upon the condition of the old floor. Some of them can be easily solved and fixed by using the sanding method and also by re-coloring the floor using appropriate stains. As I have told you before, the price range will be differing in accordance to the damages made and also the current condition of the floor.

And thus, it may cost on an average of $2.5-$5 per square feet. You can save this money which you are going to give it for the labor and reinstallation process, by doing the refinishing work by yourself. This is possible only if you have some clear idea about the things which have to be done n order to refinish the floor perfectly without causing a scene to redo everything again.

As mentioned earlier, you must prepare for s bigger budget as it may cost much. You will have to split up the money into four, which may be needed for the following purposes.


This is the first main thing which will be done. You must make the Preparingarrangements to rework and restore the hardwood flooring. Clean everything completely and let the floor dry, which is the main important thing which is necessary to refinish the floor perfectly.

Sanding process

This is one of the main important steps involved in refinishing the hardwood floors. This will check and will eliminate the area where there will be blemishes.


After the sanding process is completed, you must think about staining or re-coloring the floor. This is the one which gives the new look to the floor. And one of the main important steps involved in refinishing the hardwood floors.

Finishing touch

In order to prevent the newly sanded and stained floor from any damage, it requires some more finishing coats. This will prevent the floor from any vulnerable stains or damages in the future. Thos acts like a protecting layer and prevents the floor from damages.

Thus, the above-mentioned are the main important things which you must know when you are planning to refinish your old hardwood floors. And this is how the cost of finishing the floor ranges from. By knowing all these important facts and the steps, you can do the works even by yourself if possible. Else, you can get help from the professionals.