Lightweight Backpacking Pillows

You’re a lightweight backpacker!! Then, you should look at all things in lightweight or ultra-lightweight including camping pillows right!! So, are you looking for lightweight backpacking pillows? Then, exactly this is the right place for you to find the best lightweight backpacking pillows. In this section, I’m going to share you a few best options for you on camping pillows.

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3 best lightweight backpacking pillows:

You know several options are out there to buy a lightweight backpacking pillow, but only some options meet your needs and others or not. At the same time, you can’t able to sleep without a pillow to reduce the weight of the backpack. And, good sleep is very important to enjoy your trip, so you have to choose the right 3 best lightweight backpacking pillowsbackpacking pillows.

In order to choose the right lightweight backpacking pillows, there are 2 important things to consider while buying. Those are:

  • Bulk
  • Inflatable


This is what you’re looking for a lightweight pillow, am I right!! So, you have to find pillows that offer lightweight and as well as comfort. At such a case, a pillow made with foam is the right option, because this is not bulky. However, it takes some space to store but not that much of ordinary pillows.


A foam pillow is an ideal option when you worrying about the weight of the backpacking. This is because, it is made with inflatable and you can inflate the air in 3 different options such as a battery, self-inflating and charging.

So, when you need, inflate the air and use. Otherwise, deflate the air and store it in a small area. This is the reason why many backpackers prefer lightweight inflatable memory foam pillows.

And, the foam inflatable pillows itself there are so many options. Thus, below I give you the 3 best options to buy and enjoy your trip.

1. Aeros ultralight pillow

This Aeros ultralight pillow is designed by the Seat to summit company with a lot of features. In addition to that, you can able to inflate the air easily within a minute and also easy to deflate to store.

Apart from that, this pillow offers more comfort to sleep at all nights and lives for long life. Moreover, the weight of this pillow is very less compared with other pillows available in the market.

2. Western mountaineering clouds rest down pillow

This is another lightweight pillow available for you people and it is made with comfortable material to provide added comfort. This pillow features warm to sleep at the winter night and keeps cold during the summer season. The weight of this pillow is just 4 ounces and available in extremely small in size.

3. Therm-A-Rest compressible pillow

If you’re looking for a traditional pillow, then this is an ideal choice for you. But, this is somewhat bulkier than other 2 options. However, this is available in various sizes and weights, so you can choose anyone for you.

These are 3 best lightweight backpacking pillows.