The damage to all aspects of human civilization that the dreaded coronavirus brought will take years to repair. The economy of the world has suffered dearly, as did the everyday habits and the social lives of people. Most of the relationships in the countries affected also experienced, and are still experiencing hardships. While families with children were still all together in their homes during quarantine and lockdown measures, those who are in relationships were not so lucky. The lockdown and curfew are putting a strain on the relationships of couples, no matter if they live together or apart.

Since measures are still active in many countries around the world, in this article we will take a look at the best tips for making relationships work during the still-ongoing lockdown. Over the past weeks and months, many concerned couples have sought help regarding relationships with their partners and significant others. Most are worried they are not going to make it through, while others are scared of things never being the same when things eventually go back to normal. The good news is that both of these things are normal, and people have the right to be concerned. Struggling in relationships in the state the world has found itself into makes perfect sense.

It makes perfect sense to be struggling in your relationship now. All of us are stuck inside our homes, more than ever before, and we, therefore, spend more time together. Those not used to seeing each other 24/7 may have found it weird or intimidating on its own, let alone when work from home and all the chores start to come into the equation. This is a huge amount of change all at once, and many can cope accordingly. Until lockdown and quarantine end, make sure to try these tips to support your relationship during these rough times. If you want more help, visit for additional advice.

1. Always Take Care of Yourself First


Tending to your own needs and your own happiness is paramount to you feeling the same about a relationship. If you want to nurture your relationship, it simply has to start with nurturing yourself first. It is unrealistic and too much to expect from your partner to be the only form of stress relief and pastime activity. They have their own life as well, and the fact you are constantly home does not change that. Try the following in order to provide more self-care for yourself:

– Allow yourself to feel because what people resist persists within them. If you permit yourself to feel various emotions and understand that what you feel makes sense, it will go away much faster and you will learn to cope with yourself alone.

– For those of you who like to do these things, a journal is a good way to cope with your thoughts and feelings. Try writing for a mere 10 minutes every day and see what it does.

– Although it sounds cliché, meditation really helps. It would not have a tradition that measures thousands of years if it did not. Meditation is one of the best things you can do to help your mental health and relax.

– In order to be and feel healthy, you have to be active and move your body. The endorphin rush you will get from exercise is crucial for managing stress and improving your overall mood. Being active also boosts the immune system. Furthermore, you will look fitter and have more stamina.

– Stay in touch with other people in your life, like friends and family. When you cannot engage with your partner, or simply want to talk to someone other than them during the lockdown, reach out. People will appreciate it.

2. Make a Plan/Schedule


Those who remembered to do this at the start of quarantine have probably had a better experience up until now. It is important to sit down with your partner and discuss everything you have on your plate, from emotions and feelings to your daily schedule and routines.

Make a joint plan and support each other during your daily endeavors. Try making a shared calendar with your separate and joint tasks and responsibilities, and make yourselves dedicated time slots for when to accomplish them. This includes both of your jobs, separate leisure time, and things you do together!

A good practice is to have a fun little meeting each Sunday when you will go over the next week’s agenda. Map out and plan for as much as you can, but try to also leave some time for spontaneity. While we cannot control much today, we still need a little bit of free form.

3. Check-in Daily


This is more for couples who are unfortunately stuck far apart from one another. However, doing this in person is a great way to show how much you care, so couples living together can also utilize it. Planning is all peachy, but remember to check in with your other half during a day goes a long way too.

Take a breather and ask them, “How’s your day going?”, or “Can I get you something?” When they hear this, even if they do not need anything and they are doing good, they will get a morale boost and a reminder they have someone to turn to and rely on when the times get tough, as they are now.

4. Be Intentional About Your Time Together


As mentioned above, you are definitely spending more time together than you ever thought possible. As much as you love each other, so much time at each other’s side partner can lead to tensions and frustrations. Therefore, healthy and non-toxic boundaries are necessary.

If both of you work from home, try to establish separate workstations. A closed-door between the two of you is perfect if possible. Next, give each other space during the day and do not be overly clingy. If you can do this, limit verbal communication a bit and send an occasional text if you are physically not close.

The need for alone time is normal and we all need it. Be creative about it and spend it doing things you would do anyway for yourself, like hobbies and interests. When you want time together in the middle of your shift, make some coffee, and fill in each other on your progress so far. Have meals together and spend some time together at the end of the day, schedule a date night, but remember that personal time is a must.