Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

In this modern technology influenced world people have lost the sense of eating good, nutritive and natural foods. Most of them are not aware of their eating habits and doesn’t even know how that is affecting their health and mind. If people all around can make a serious effort in improving the quality of food that they eat every day then our society will be healthier and happier in days to come. There some incredible substances that they can add in their food as its ingredients to notice amazing health benefits gradually.

Chia seeds are among those ingredients which when included in one’s diet gives beneficial results to one’s health and well-being. Chia seeds evolved from a flowering plant which is native to Mexico and Guatemala region.  Coates predominantly started his work on these seeds in 1991 and thereafter he became a promoter of this tiny seed because of its immense health benefits. These were used to be as a staple in Mayan and Aztec diets from the pages of history.

A handful of research done on Chia especially on its chemical composition revealed its health benefits and after that, it has drawn the interests of many people around the globe. These seeds can be added in any food item as they don’t even need to ground like flax seeds etc. so anyone can prepare items using them with ease. They are a very rich source of all-round nutrients and anti-oxidants. They can even be eaten as raw, soaked in juice/salads, can be added to puddings or even can be supplemented on baked foods. The most fascinating aspect of using Chia is that they can be just sprinkled on rice dishes, raw vegetables, on yogurt or in top of cereal. They have an amazing ability to absorb both water and fat because of this they are also used to thicken sauces to make them semi-solid and even used as egg substitutes in many recipes. Adding Chia to any recipes will enhance its nutritional value but people who don’t tend digest fiber should be little cautious in the quantity of Chia that they should use in their diet. Common recommended dosage is around 20 grams i.e. about 1½ tablespoon twice per day.

Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds are listed below:

A Savior for Diabetes and Heart Patients:

Studied done on Chia found that these seeds have an innate A Savior for Diabetes and Heart Patientscapability to treat type-2 diabetes as it slows downs the digestion process. It contains gelatinous coating which exposed to liquids or water prevents blood sugar spikes. As these are high in fiber, protein and Omega-3s content so they improve overall metabolic activity in patients. Also studies done on rats shown that chia increases HDL value which regulates cholesterol level, insulin level and reduces inflammation so it is very good for heart patients.

Chia Teeth & Bones Stronger:

Chia is often recommended for people who don’t eat dairy products to supplement their calcium intake. A single-serve of Chia Seeds has 18% of calcium which nourishes bones and oral health which thereby prevents osteoporosis. It is also recommended for people who are growing old to eat chia to maintain their bones and teeth as it contains phosphorous and magnesium which is much needed for the bones.

Chia Boosts Immunity As It Is Rich In Anti-Oxidants:

Important properties of antioxidants are that they fight against the production of free radicals which mainly damages core molecules in cell-structure and thereby leads to aging or even leads to crippling disease like cancer. Chia has a high amount of antioxidants which helps people to boost their immunity to fight against any diseases and helps them to live longer shelf life.

Assists In Reducing Weight Without Making You Starve:

Chia was tried on many obese people to see its effects on the long term and the results indicated that Chia does help people to lose their weight. The fiber which is present in Chia absorbs the large concentration of water which makes absorption of eaten food slow. This makes a person have a feeling of fullness for a long time. As these seeds are high on its protein value so they help a person to reduce its appetite. Hunger is the main hindrance which tempts a person to eat something and increases his calorie count which disrupts his diet plan. Including Chia in his diet will reduce this feeling of hunger for a long time.

Enhances Your Energy Level Throughout The Day:

People’s energy level heavily depends upon what they eat. The perfect blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals in Chia all together makes one feel very light all through the day and removes the lethargic feeling which most of us get. Even back in the history Aztecs and Mayans used to use Chia to enhance their performances. According to research conducted on six participants, it was concluded that Chia seeds can help athletes to increase their performance and stamina.

Rich Source of Omega-3 oil:

Chia seeds in are content like polyunsaturated fats specifically omega-3 fatty acids which are so important for the proper functioning of the heart and maintaining overall health composure. Omega-3 is found in fish but many people don’t eat fish daily, especially vegetarian people, Chia seeds are among few options for them to get their healthy omega-3 oil intake. It is also crucial to weight loss program to include omega-3 fatty acids in their daily dietary plan.


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