If you are a newcomer for dog pet care and simple advice to take care of certain things. Some of the simple advice for the new dog owners such as:

Tip 1: Spay your dog

The spay your dog that will reduce the chances of cancer of reproductive organs and try to recommend by the veterinarians to the pet care owners who don’t plan on the breeding their pets.

Tip 2: Collar with the ID tags

Spay your dogTry to provide your dog collar with the ID tags and discuss the microchipping with your veterinarian. You cannot undertake that your dog won’t still get out of your yard whether by the accident or any natural disaster otherwise the theft the dog. The collar ID tag and microchip will help you find the dog easily as well as it helps you are only the chance of returning the home to you.

Tip 3: Complete the physical

Take him to your veterinarian for the complete physical and pet need the vaccinations for every three to four weeks until they are sixteen weeks of the age. The main thing has pet owners should request to know about the pet health and behavior the issues regarding the pet specifically for the dog.

Tip 4: Maintain the proper diet based on the veterinarian advice

Discuss that your pet diet with your veterinarian advice and it can vary depending on the size as well as the breed. So, you should study between 30 to 45 percent of the household pets are overweight and obesity can lead to serious health defect to the body condition. The main thing has properly maintained health based on the veterinarian advice and health maintenance of the dog without any causes or disease.

Tip 5: Housebreaking

Basically, the housebreaking can be the time-consuming process and the pet should be taken outside every two to three hours up to the six times of a day, particularly after the meals. The crate training in a small range or gated area that works well as well as puppies usually do not soil where they sleep. So look for signs such as circling that your pet has to go because you don’t catch him in the act then won’t understand why you are correcting him for five minutes after an incident’s that are consistent is the key process in whatever the housebreaking method you should choose it.

Tip 6: Crate training process

The crate training process provides your pet with a secure and safe area where can retreat when you are feeling tired. And, put in some spongy bedding and flush an extravagance to help the coax him at the first stage so you should learn the best place to be and it is not discipline.

Tip 7: Training process

The regular training process is one of the most significant things you can perform for your pet care and your family. The pet needs to learn the boundaries as well as need to know you are in the charge for taking care of the pet. The gain self-confidence knowing what’s expected of him and you will learn how to get the best way out of your dog.

Tip 8: Pet proofing

Pet proofingThe pet-proofing is very similar to the baby proofing that will keep your puppy missing from anything that could be potentially hurt you. So, you should purchase the electrical cord protectors from your local hardware store that will help you for removing the poisonous plants or toxins. Some of the pet love to chew because it is more important to redirect them to their safe chew toys and any other things.

Tip 9: Socializing

The dogs are social animals and everyone liked as well as enjoy the being part of the pack that is now you and your family members. The greater number of people come in contact with whether it is your home or out about because it is more comfortable and well-behaved. It is also the most important part to get an early start the socializing your pet with other dogs so you should learn how to get along with them.

Tip 10: Taking care of your pet for new places

You should take care of your pet in new places because it is a great experience for both of you as car safety as well. So, you should take care of your pet and your family members as well as some other important things. Take care of the pet and play with them as well as you will reward you with his love.