Is Identity Safe Be Hacked

For many of us surfing the Internet, and antivirus is a glaring requirement. Not only will it help to keep your computer safe, but will also be able to protect yourself from all the scams and the virus attacks over the Internet. There are many vulnerable people looking to just go at it without having to spend a small amount of money in the antivirus. These people are the ones that always get viruses within the computer in a day or two from surfing the Internet.

Senior citizens are also prone to getting tricked easily by scammers. So in order to protect the elderly from fraudulent schemes we should enforce safety measures by checking this resource.

To ensure that such kind of online threats do not become a substantial threat for losing the daytime your computer, it is necessary for you to install an antivirus. However, since the antivirus market is already flooded with a lot of products, what should you go for? You could then chance upon the use of Norton Antivirus. This is one of those famous antiviruses that you may have heard of from a long period of time, and it continues to dominate the marketing of antivirus. It can also block infected as well as dangerous downloads, without you having to lift a finger.

To read a comparison of the best antivirus software, you can visit this site. Norton is in their top three picks.


So what is it about Norton Antivirus that attracts you? It has an active engine and a very good algorithm that actively provides you from any sort of identity theft, social media danger, or any viruses that may be trying to enter your personal computer.

HISTORY OF NORTON ANTI-VIRUSWith the help of the Norton community watch, you will be able to track virtually any sort of harmful and malicious files that you find over the Internet, and there is also a constant and, comprehensive threat monitoring done for your computer. This goes a long way into detecting new viruses that may have just entered the market, and maybe willingly to infect your computer.

With the help of the Internet protection system, you can get fireworks established within your computer to detect any sort of website and social networking websites that are looking to provide you with suspicious files. This is, and always will be one of the most important features of the Norton AntiVirus. Also, you can find out that the new Norton AntiVirus has got artificial intelligence inserted into it. This makes sure that it can actually check your behavioral protection, and detect any kind of signs that your computer may be looking to face in terms of threat. It can make sure that anything and everything that is well within the reach of the antivirus can be taken apart, and you will be able to get a good idea on what seems to be a feasible notion of good Internet surfing.


The use of built-in intelligence always maximises the overall potential of the antivirus. With can maximise the battery life, and ensure that you will not be able to get a sudden death of battery, by the harnessing of a lot of processing power. Also, with the help of the Norton management, you will be able to get a single password that can help you to access all the Norton features and cloud-based applications that you could possibly use for the safeguarding of your computer. Data can also be kept in such an account, and you’ll be able to get the best possible benefit from it. In today’s world, data theft is one of the leading concerns for most of the computer users. So, with the help of this particular antivirus, you can be more secure in that regard.


With the help of deep cleansing tools, you will be able to scour and disinfect even the smallest infections that can be found on your computer. With the help of the Norton power eraser, you will be able to scrub off all the significant features of virus trails and everything that you can actually find in your computer. Also due to the number of exclusive possibilities and the number of features that you could possibly get in the tablet recognition world of today, the Norton AntiVirus has also been compatible with the touch-friendly support found in such kind of tablets. This ensures that you will also be able to use your Norton AntiVirus in your tablets as well as your personal computer is that have touch-enabled screens.